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Cicero Latin

According to Cicero, what are several factors that should have moved Catiline but haven’t?
Catilline was not moved by the visual of the city, the peoples fear, the collision of all good patriots, and nothing of the defending of holding the senate.

To what extent, according to Cicero, were Catiline’s plans known to the Senators?
He believes his plans of what he did the previous night and the night before that and the people he called together

What is the point of Cicero’s calling the Senators fortes viri?
He was calling the men “brave” in a sarcastic way, for they were being cowards for avoiding these things.

According to Cicero, what punishment did Catiline deserve? When?
led to death along time ago

What precedents does Cicero cite for punishing traitors without due process of law?
X he will “mark us with his eyes” with murder

What would you infer was the moral climate in Rome at the time of the conspiracy? What Latin from the passage did you use to infer this? Why?
provided that he attained power for himself. Rome was very selfish and destructive

Whose company did Catiline seek out most of all? Why?
scandalous and outrageous people and a body guard to protect him

What two factors especially drove Catiline to form his plan to overthrow the Republic?
X he wanted power to himself and his debt and the war

Explain in your own words why the atmosphere in Rome in 64-63BC was the “perfect storm” for Catiline to try to seize power
The republic were all fighting against each other and so they were not very strong. there was also a war going on

What emergency power had the Senate granted to the consuls to meet the threat posed by Catiline and his conspiracy?
“Senatus Consultum Ultimum” which instructs consuls to take all necessary steps to prevent harm to the Republic if it was necessary or in this case, an emergency

How does Cicero explain his reluctance to exercise his emergency power and kill Catiline?
He was afraid that the citizens would say that he was handling it to cruelly

Why was it to Catiline’s advantage to delay his departure from Rome? What could he hope to accomplish by remaining in the city while his lieutenant Manlius managed his affairs at Faesula?
The camps are in Italy are against the Roman population. He can bring an uprising together

According to Cicero, what conditions had to exist before he would order Catiline’s execution?
You will be killed, when no one so wicked, so destroyed, so similar to will be able to be found

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