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Jazz Essay Examples

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Writing Prompt: the Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby – Writing Prompt 1 The 1920’s were a time of dramatic changes that affected the economy, society, politics and popular culture. The nation’s total wealth doubled between the years of 1920 and 1929. As modern cities began to develop new buildings and advanced technology, many Americans began to move into the city…

Jazz Concert Reflection

Jazz is a musical style that began in African American communities in the southern United States around the beginning of the twentieth century. It was a new style of music that brought together music traditions from West Africa and Europe. Some of its West African musical influences give jazz its unique sound. Jazz has many…

Good Habit

Good Habit were a professional touring band mostly from Penarth in South Wales, active 1970–1975. They had one single “Find My Way Back Home” that was released by RCA and reviewed by John Peel in Sounds. Some songs including “Ship of Gold” were recorded for Peel’s sessions. For a while the band wore green monastic…



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Review and Critical thinking

Review Questions Syncopation is placing emphasis or accents on beats that are unexpected, or, alternatively. Is music that combined the music of marches with the rhythms of African music. The instruments used for ragtime are used in jazz. Cornetist who helped to create jazz music . His music had a loud piercing sound that be…

History of Jazz Concert Report

Since I have been in university, most talk of live music has revolved around “what club has a special on tonight?” or “which DJ is going to be in town this weekend?” I have nothing against electronic music but sitting in a packed bar near the Halifax Harbor listening to jazz and conversing in a…

RCC Jazz in Concert

On October 20, I attended a concert by the RCC Jazz in featuring Lanny Morgan at the Digital Library Auditorium. The name of group members which are used were Doug Webb (Tenor Sax), Tom Ranier (piano), Chuck Berhofer (bass), and Steve Schaeffer (drum “The Magic Flea” is an upbeat tempo song with mostly eighth notes,…

The Roaring 20s

Some call the 1920s the roaring 20s. I personally think so because the war had just ended and many soldiers are coming back. People started businesses and were doing quite well therefore the people have money to spend. The 1920s was also a time for new inventions and technology, such as the invention of the…

The Influence of Coalhouse Walker

In literature, one character can impact the entire story and all of its characters. Such is the case with Coalhouse Walker Jr. in E.L. Doctrow’s Ragtime. His characterization provides insight into race relations in turn-of-the-century America. Many characters react strongly to his mannerisms, as they believe his social standing does not allow for such behavior….

The Great Gatsby Cover Analysis

The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, portrays the Jazz Age and the people living during the time. The reader watches the unfortunate story of the mysterious Jay Gatsby and his love for Daisy Buchanan through the eyes of Nick Carraway. His semi-involved character witnesses the events unfold right in front of his eyes…

Jazz: Urban and Rural Reactions In the 1920s

Subject Area: Music and American CultureTopic: Jazz: Urban and Rural Reactions in the 1920sIn parallel with the uproar of jazz during the 1920s came the commotion of different critics from various geographical settings. Many of the white people living in rural areas disliked and rejected jazz as a musical genre. However, the urban city-dwellers were…

Music during WW2 and how it played a role

Music during World War 2 was made to help get people through depression and motivate the men and women fighting in Europe and Asia. Everyone was into patriotism at this time including the music they listened to. At this time music has expanded its demographic to younger audiences, before it popular music was mainly appealing…

Bebop Jazz and its Influence

Developed in the 1940’s, bebop jazz expanded upon the restrictive and structured arrangements of big band music, changed the way music was enjoyed, and provided a foundation for future innovators of jazz music. Bebop was a revolutionary sound that captivated the audience due largely to the new found creative freedom of musical expression allowed by…

If the North Were the South, Same Thing

Ricardo Arjona is one of the most renowned Latin American singers. He is characterized for his socially conscious and heartfelt folk ballads and rock tunes. In addition, he also plays a variety of styles that combine traditional South American folk music with rock, hip-hop, and classical music, Arjona sings about subjects ranging from faded love…

Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday

Bill Crow’s Jazz Anecdotes is a thought-provoking, often amusing collection of stories from within jazz’s inner circles, told by and about some of the genre’s leading figures. While not a history of jazz, it gives readers some insights to how jazz artists worked, lived, bonded, and coped with an America in which many were still…

History of jazz

Jazz is a form of American music which began in the 20th century though it has some of the elements of songs which had evolved in the late 19th century. It originated from the African Americans who were living in the southern parts of United States. Jazz is a combination of African and European traditions…

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Good Essay Topics on Jazz

The beginning thing of the completing an essay on any theme is to be confident that you are aware of this sphere of life. Jazz is a style of music that was founded by the American Africans and became really popular among other musicians. Completing an essay about jazz is not as difficult as it would seem. The beginning step is surely picking up a topic of your paper but if you want to create an excellent composition, you should search to find all needed information.

Choosing a topic, remember that you are not allowed to write in a general way. It would not be interesting for your readers and they would not understand the aim of your writing. Try to focus on something specific, characterizing one composer, singer, or the particular feature of jazz as a music style.

To make this process faster and easier, we have the list of persuasive essay topics on this theme that would be helpful for you.

  1. The Great Gatsby
  2. Good Habit
  3. The peculiarities of the jazz as a music style
  4. “Find my way back home” analysis
  5. The instruments that are used in jazz
  6. History of jazz style
  7. Bebop jazz and its specifics
  8. Bessie Smith and her influence
  9. Ricardo Arjona as one of the most popular singer
  10. Ragtime and its influence on composers
  11. The role of jazz music in the development of American culture in the 1920s
  12. Brass Bands and their achievements
  13. Facts that influenced the development of the music in the 1920s

Remember to choose something that you will be able to hold back with strong arguments. For that reason, pay great attention to the available sources with information that will help you provide the factual data and strong pieces of evidence. To get the full idea of how to write persuasively, examine argumentative essay examples that you can find on the Internet.


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