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Suicide Essay Examples

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Suicide amongst Military Personnel and Veterans

“Doctors used to call it “shell shock,” “soldier’s heart,” or “nostalgia.” Soldiers would shake uncontrollably, experience heart palpitations, or go blind after witnessing trauma on the battlefield. From as far back as ancient Greece, history reveals the psychological toll of war on soldiers. (Baran, 2010). Introduction In the United States, combat fatigue was coined to…

Bipolar Disorder

What is Bipolar Disorder? A Brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in moods Also known as manic-depressive disorder It consists of manic episodes, depressive episodes, and/or hypomanic episodes People with bipolar disorder are also usually diagnosed with anxiety, attention deficit disorder, substance abuse, or physical health problems There are three types of bipolar disorder: Bipolar…

Amanda Bynes Psychological Perspective

The popular child star, Amanda Bynes, has recently gone through a wild child phase, as seen by committing several federal crimes, such as hitting and running, driving under the influence, and using illegal drugs. Bynes has recently been diagnosed with both Schizophrenia, and Bipolar Disorder. Finally, after several outrageous months, Bynes was, “placed under an…



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Depression Answer Sheet

1a. Refer to the DSM-IV checklist and list all symptoms that Ellen has that match the criteria for major depressive episode. Which of Ellen’s symptoms meet any of the criteria? (Be sure to match specific symptoms with specific criteria.) DSM criteria #1 depressed mood most of the day. Correlating Behaviors v Ellen has reported that…

Edna come back from amrecia

What do you think motivates Muriel to identify June as Edna? Does she act on the spur of the moment when she sees June at the water’s edge, or has she been searching for some time for someone who can solve her problems for her? Do you think she really believes that June is Edna?…

Hypothesis Testing

The team was assigned the task of forming a hypothesis test on, whether it is easier to cope with the death of a loved one, via suicide, if they leave some form of final communication or rationale. Using a hypothesis test and the five-step process, the team formed to prove that, Loved ones of those…

Suicide – Hamlet Persuasive Speech

The act of suicide is a common issue some contemplate when facing hardships and troubles in life. These acts and thoughts are caused by issues of death, heartbreak, and depression which some may not be able to cope with. As in many plays from the era of Elizabethan England, the theme of suicide is abundant…

Thirteen Reasons Why Analysis

The novel Thirteen Reasons Why is a young-adult fiction by Jay Asher. According to Goodreads, he was born in Arcadia, California on September 30, 1975. He grew up in a family that encouraged all of his interests, from playing the guitar to his writing. He attended Cuesta College right after graduating from high school. It…

Teens at High Risk of Suicide

Teen suicide is a major problem in today’s society and it is totally preventable. This issue needs to be taken care of immediately. Teen should not be taking their lives intentionally. Teen suicide is derived from three major factors: bullying, drug/alcohol abuse, and most commonly mental illness. It has been a pretty popular topic in…

Why Do Some Teens Commit Suicide

To hear news of a young individual in their teens passing away can be very devastating, and may be one of the worst tragedies to be fall fellow family members and friends. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), suicide is the third-leading cause of death for 15-24 year-olds, after accidents and…

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook

“It isn’t fair. I’ve worked so hard all my life, I don’t deserve this,” thought Mrs. Ross as she looked down at her right leg where a large wound gaped open. Two weeks ago, she had a femoral-popliteal bypass, which got infected. The wound was opened up and was healing slowly by secondary intention. It…

Raising children

Raising children in this country is extremely harsh, many children are introduced to abuse, violence, neglect and exporiation. During the years of war, hundreds of children have been used as suicide bombers and are daily put in harms way. According to Swanson (Swanson & Swanson,2011) “Conflict and political violence force millions of children and their…

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry was born in new Orleans on September 13,1969 with three other siblings. His biological name was emmit Perry Jr which he was named after his father until he changed it legally to Tyler Perry due to the fact that him and his father did not get along because his father was an abusive…

“Girl Interrupted” Movie Paper

For my movie review I watched Girl Interrupted filmed in 1999 and directed by James Mangold. This is a movie that tells a story about a woman’s stay in the 1960’s on a psychiatric floor in Claymore hospital, after being suspected of suicide. The main character is a 19 year old female named Susana Kaysen…

Real Estate Porters Five Forces

THE CONCEPT: Lifeline Foundation seeks to alleviate misery, loneliness, despair and depression by listening, in a non-judgmental way, to those who cannot turn to anyone else who would understand and accept them. The caller remains anonymous and everything said to the volunteer remains confidential. OUR MISSION: 1) To contain the number of suicides in and…

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Suicide topics for essays discuss such serious issue as a suicide. It is intentionally committed to death. Exists various reasons for committing suicides and well as several types of those. It poses a serious social problem that needs an urgent solution. That is why teachers, scholarly supervisors and professors give tasks to prepare assignments of these types to attract the attention of youth towards this serious issue.

Suicide research paper topics are more popular among students studying psychology, sociology and various subject connected to human psychological health. On the basis of such topic, a student has to conduct research and gather statistical data. Apart from that, students have to research particular examples and kinds of suicides, which allow them to produce an informative academic assignment. Suicide research topics are most of the cases are provided by the scholarly supervisors. It makes the task for students much more manageable.

A suicide topics research paper requires from students an ability to organize the preparatory process correctly as well as advanced writing and critical thinking skills. Exists a special algorithm helping to prepare a highly informative and sense-loaded paper. A writer needs to pick a topic and entirely focus on it. After that, one has to conduct small research to gather the data for future assignment and study the references taking notes. This stage allows collecting the necessary material.

The next step is a compilation of an outline or a template that will serve as a plan for a writer. The last stage is a compilation of a research paper itself and polishing it by eliminating all the mistakes. It is a complicated and time-consuming task. For those, who feel insecure and is unable to dedicate so much time and so many efforts - we offer assistance. Contact us, and you will receive qualified help!


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